Red Tango

Tango Dancing


Generally, I will organise the music.  It is our plan, roughly about once a month, to invite other DJs to present their selection.

I have heard you say: “You know that piece of music you played…. that was really nice.”  I will try to publish the next Milonga’s playlist in advance.  It will take a bit of time for me to create a bit of a buffer.  And, I will keep the playlists posted for some time so you can refer to it later.  You find them under the heading “Music”… just hover over the tag and the playlists appear.

And, what I would like is, that you make comments on the page (or to me, of course) about what you liked and suggestions of music you would like to dance to, so that other dancers can read it, too.  If I don’t have a particular piece, feel free to move it to me.

And if a few of you are particularly interested in a piece of music, and there is no copyright infringement (like for the old stuff) I can post it here and you can download it.

What else?  Ah, the “y” in front of a title marks it as a cortina.  Just in case you wondered.

And of course, the old question: three or four pieces per tanda?  Generally, I put three in it, but, if two pieces make up more than seven, eight minutes (which happens rarely with me), there will be only two.  What’s your thoughts on this?

AND, by the way, you can listen to and download some of my favourite Milongas and Valses by clicking on

Tickled Tango Tunes”  under the heading “Blogroll”


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