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Greetings comrades of Red Tango.  A very successful evening at east Bris last Thursday, great music by DJ Nadim Sawaya from Melbourne, plus some A list tangueros. A thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all.


We are delighted to announce that one of Melbourne’s star DJ‘s will DJ at our next milonga the 14th of February…

Here is an exert of a recent interview of Nadim Sawaya about his views on DJing for Tango…

… There are certain etiquette and traditions for dancers that also apply to DJing.
… I like discovering hidden gems and incorporating them into a tanda with some of the more popular pieces.
… When selecting music, I consider the milonga space, the audience and also what kind of energy I want to create.
… when I DJ, I dance about half of the night. I would like to dance more, however, I wouldn’t be doing justice to my partner as my mind will be thinking of what to play next!
… my current favourite tango piece?  This is a tough questions, it would have to be Naranjo en Flor by the greatest bandoneonista of all time, Anibal Troilo. It has everything.

Be there for this experience


Where were all the men?
Plenty of delightful women

guess, the pendulum will swing one way or the other for a few times

Hello and welcome to Celestine

Happy birthday to lovely  Mara… she loved her Birthday Vals… Vals de los quince Años by Juan D’Arienzo – voice: Jorge Valdez
and when it is your birthday vals turn, let me know a bit in advance, which one you like and I make sure it is on.

Especially the last tanda, including the version of La Cumparsita  received lots of ooohs and aaahs… (have a look under the music tab)

Mara’s special Birthday Milonga is on on Monday at the Westend Sailing club

eTango on Friday and Anton’s Che Tango on Saturday

Gruß und Kuß



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